URSOTIGRE was born in the parallel universe of the Bricklane tigers. It is knitted with drumsticks, drawn with needles and painted with yarn.

"Ursotigre" is a special creature discovered in a magical forest by Sónia Pessoa, a Lisbon based multi talented artist and all time knitter.

Sonia grew up in the countryside and as a kid she spent her free time kitting having two intentions: occupying her spare time and wearing special sweaters.

Inspired by this animal, half bear (urso), half tiger (tigre), she created a brand of beautiful knitted clothes, and a platform where she and her friends can all join forces and experiment in their own fields of creativity. Some illustrate this bear tiger, others produce music for a unique video showcasing the clothing pieces, others are just big fans and wear them, or perform in them.

Every piece is one of a kind and born in Sónias own hands. They are characters of the URSOTIGRE universe.

Mesh by mesh, loop by loop, URSOTIGRE ensnares itself in 100% environmentally friendly yarns.

Treat your wools with care and respect, hand wash with love.
Remove excess water using a towel and twisting both together softly.
Finally, dry over another towel on a flat surface.

It is all unique, just like you.


Rua Alexandre Herculano, 11E Lisboa PT

O Gato que mordeu o chapéu amarelo
Rua D. Gualdim Pais, 40A, Braga PT

Rua do Rosário 253 Porto PT